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Pakistan Army Proves Its Accountability By Giving Death Sentence To Two, Jail To One For Espionage And Leaking Information!

While a huge portion of the country continues to make a huge hue and cry over the accountability of our politicians and bureaucrats, the Pakistan Army has set precedent by…

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Meet Umme Rubab – A Brave Daughter Of Pakistan Who Walked Barefoot To Court, Seeking Justice For Her Family!

Pakistan, a nation full of brave daughters, who follow the example of women such as Fatima Ali Jinnah, Begum Rana Liaquat Ali Khan and of course, the slain ex-Prime Minister…

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So, Trevor James (The Food Ranger) Came To Quetta To Have ‘Rice-Stuffed Khaddi-Kabab’ And His Mind Was BLOWN!

The thing about Pakistani food is that even if you haven't tried it, you will ALWAYS have the wish to do so, that too, in the most authentic and cozy…

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The Untimely Death Of Qamar Zaman Kaira’s Young Son In A Horrible Accident Proves That Over-speeding Kills!

Life is very short and unpredictable, we all know it. One moment you're living the best life, and the next, it's all over. That is the actual reality of life…

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TLP Chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi Just Got Bail From LHC And The ‘Lo Jee Ghauri Aya Ferr’ Memes Have BEGUN!

LO JEE, GHAURI AYA FERR!  The time has come, for the shenanigans to start again. A handful of months back, Tehreek-e-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah Chief Khadim Hussain Rizvi was nabbed…

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PC Hotel Gwadar Was Attacked By Terrorists But Swift Response Of Security Forces Foiled India’s Plans, Again!

Ever since the sub-continent was divided between Pakistan and India, both countries have remained daggers drawn at each other. From 1948 to the incumbent setups, it has been India's pseudo…

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10 Things Pakistanis Living In Saudi Arabia Can Relate To

Finding Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia is as common as looking for shawarma in the country. A number of Pakistanis migrate from Pakistan to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for different…

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Game of thrones in Ramadan

This Is How All The Characters Would React If Ramadan Came To Game Of Thrones!

As we wait for the Battle of Westeros between Queen Daenerys Stormborn and Queen Cersei Lannister in the Game of Thrones' next episode, have you wondered what it'd be like…

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Meet Asif Siddiqui – The Heroic Traffic Warden Who Risked His Life For Data Darbar Victims And Wishes Shahadat!

While Pakistan has cut the curse of terrorism in recent years, the one-off occasions where incident such as what happened this morning in Lahore, malign the country's name at the…

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For The First Time In Pakistan’s History, The Moon For Eid Will Be Spotted By Technical Experts And Not Religious Clerics!

Putting all the rumors around Ruet e Hilal committees work and the moon sighting controversy in Pakistan, that has prevailed for decades, the incumbent government under the leadership fo Prime…

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