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An Open Letter To The People Of Pakistan From Mian Junior Safdar

Note: this is a satirical article -- all information in the article is generated only for the purpose of raising genuine awareness and of course, laughs.  [ADDITIONAL: the article is…

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Here’s How a Guy Got Shot for Not Wearing Helmet in Faisalabad

In Faisalabad, police stopped a couple riding a bike. The guy was found without a helmet. Police charged him a fine of 500rs for which the guy asked a receipt…

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Comedian Nadir Ali Gets to Entertain Maulana Tariq Jamil

Last night, the renowned comedian Nadir Ali, who runs his own Facebook Page called P4 Pakao, was invited by Maulana Tariq Jamil to his house for dinner. The comedian uploaded…

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Pakistan’s Ace Guitarist Aamir Zaki Passes Away

As unexpected as life could be, Pakistan loses another gem today. Pakistan's one of the top guitarists Aamir Zaki passed away today. He was 49 years old. According to the…

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