Mirza Hashaam, Author at Parhlo News

Author: Mirza Hashaam

In Pakistan, Even Differently-Abled Children Are Not Safe From Abuse And Torture

Over the years, growing up perhaps during the most transformative eras of our society, I have seen our society degenerate into a more insensitive and polarized one. Even the most grotesque…

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4 Types of ‘Seth’ an OD professional encounters in Pakistan

When we, the OD professionals, talk about family businesses in Pakistan, we are referring to a collective that has not yet evolved into an organization, rather they are just pretending…

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The Logic behind why Election Symbols in Pakistan and India are so Eccentric

Each election, I wonder what is the rationale behind allotting election symbols to a political party or a candidate. If one needs to identify with a candidate, shouldn’t a picture…

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