Asia Bibi’s Freedom Is Reminding Everyone of Salman Taseer Today and It Is Heartbreaking


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In a groundbreaking news today, the 9-year-old case of Asia Bibi finally took an unexpected, yet a pleasing turn when she was acquitted of the blasphemy allegations made on her as a Christian minority in 2010. The on-going investigation and the case led to numerous troubles; including the assassination of then-Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer and Pakistan’s Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti.

The assassination of Salman Taseer took place in 2011 when he was shot 28 times by his own gunman, Mumtaz Qadri. Mumtaz Qadri believed it was his religious duty to assassinate a man like Salman Taseer who was advocating in favor of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman accused of blasphemy, accused of speaking against the Prophet of Islam PBUH.

Asia Bibi was fighting for her life which was hanging by a thread – she was on a death row if proven guilty. Salman Taseer, till his last breath, stood in support of Asia Bibi, which costed him his life.

Today, In a Monumental Event When Asia Bibi Is Free of All the Charges Against her, Pakistanis are Remembering Salman Taseer and his Great Sacrifice!

Salman Taseer had always outspoken against the blasphemy laws in Pakistan and believed they were harsh, especially in a country where minorities are not given their due rights. He believed that the laws were discriminating against the minorities, which is he fought for liberal reforms and fought for Asia bibi, for who he requested a pardon as well.

On this day, it proves that everything Taseer was fighting for, was right.

He Died Fighting For Something Which Is Proven Right After 8 Years!

Years Later, the Nation Remembers and Applauds the Late Salman Taseer For he Sacrificed himself for this Day and Verdict!

Rest in Power

It Indeed Was – Hopefully We Learn From This

Always Will

While Salman Taseer died fighting for something which proved to be right years later, this sets a precedent which needs to be followed. Pakistan was made to protect not just the Muslims, but also the minorities which came along – the white area on our flag indicates the ideology of standing up for our minority brothers and sisters.

Rest in peace, Salman Taseer. Today we truly miss you.

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