Armeena Khan Is Being Trolled On Social Media|


Armeena Khan Is Being Trolled On Social Media And She Thinks Priyanka Chopra Is The Mastermind Behind It

Armeena Khan Is Being Trolled On Social Media And She Thinks Priyanka Chopra Is The Mastermind Behind It!


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After the Pulwama incident, the Pak-Ind0 relations went haywire and the situation hasn’t been entirely normal ever since.

The Indian actress, Priyanka Chopra Jonas commented on the entire situation while she expressed her emotions in a tweet saying ‘Jai Hind.’


For 12 years, the Quantico star has worked with UNICEF as a global Goodwill Ambassador, visiting places in need like Zimbabwe and India’s Mumbai slums.

To her above tweet, Pakistanis actress Armeena Rana Khan who’s very active on Twitter expressed her views saying, “WHAT?!!! But aren’t you supposed to be a Good Will ambassador for @UNICEF? Screenshot this everyone and next time she speaks up for peace and goodwill. Let’s remind her of this hypocrisy.”

An online petition was started against Chopra after the above tweet. The authors of an online petition believed that Priyanka Chopra’s not acting like a Goodwill Ambassador because she seemingly took sides in the recent clash between India and Pakistan.

However, recently, the Sherdil actress Armeena Rana Khan tweeted that team Priyanka Chopra is bashing her from various fake accounts.

The actress also shared few of the screenshots of the messages she received via tweets and wrote, “Temporarily uploaded for your viewing pleasure. All within the last few hours one has to wonder. Oh for the record, I didn’t start the petition AND I am not a goodwill ambassador.”

She also stated that “By the way. This is how it’s done, folks. When I said, I stand for peace, I DO! We do! #Sherdil does! This is a quote from my co-star #MekaalZulfiqaar where is the warmongering?”

Anyway, after Khan expressed her views and shared the messages on Twitter, many of the people responded and sided Armeena.

One user said that this is just predictable of Priyanka Chopra

Another user supported Khan

One user stated that there’s a chance that Chopra had no involvement in the matter

LOLOL, this user just wants Khan to go and complain to Nick Jonas about his wife’s actions…

What’s your take on this?

Honestly, Pakistani fans are very disappointed with Chopra and her actions. Regardless of what country you belong to if you’re a UNICEF ambassador, it’s your duty to support peace and encourage harmony between nations rather than rooting for war!

We don’t know if these fake accounts are created on the orders of Chopra but we do know that it’s not going to result in anything positive. Let us know what you think of this!

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