Angry Indians Want Their PM Modi To Not Visit Their State And Finally, Indians Are Gaining Awareness -

Angry Indians Want Their PM Modi To Not Visit Their State And Finally, Indians Are Gaining Awareness!


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The situation in India surely seems to be getting out of control because the people are now expressing utmost hate towards their PM Narendra Modi! People in Tamil Nadu are protesting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his visit and are demanding him to return back. The anger and frustration against PM Modi are growing in India and it is absolutely unbelievable!

The recent Indo-Pak fiasco has fueled anger in the people of Tamil Nadu who are not going to buy Narendra Modi’s gimmicks. The people of Tamil Nadu maintained that BJP will never be able to make it to the politics of the state. However, the situation has taken a different turn and Indians are hating their PM Nardendra Modi as he’s all set to launch various projects in Tamil Nadu on Friday.

Back in January, when Modi visited Tamil Nadu, he had received similar backlash on social media. Twitteratis said that Modi’s “gimmicks” will never work. This is significant as Modi and the BJP have long tried to make inroads into Tamil Nadu politics.  While Congress workers were caught for waving black flags in anticipation of Modi’s arrival, Twitter users expressed their anger towards the prime minister by tweeting with the hashtag #GoBackModi and once again the hashtag is trending!

Check out the hate-filled tweets by all these Indians! Unbelievable!

Fail! Fail!

Cheap politics much?

Wow. They’re angry!

Damn. This is hilarious!

So on point!

Moreover, the popularity of Indian PM Narendra Modi has been toppled down badly after Pakistan announced to release the Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman who was in the custody of Pakistan Army who took down two of Indian jets that crossed the LoC of Pakistan on Wednesday morning.

We wonder what this what this would  lead to. Where people are praising Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan, here are Indians throwing hate at their PM! What a sad state of affairs. So much direspect! Apart from that, we’ll just have to wait and enjoy all this Modi tamasha!

Guys, go gran  your popcorn ad enjoy this hashtag!

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