American Vlogger Drew Binsky Visited Pakistan To See How ‘Peaceful’ It Is And You Need To Experience What He Saw

American Vlogger Drew Binsky Visited Pakistan To See How ‘Peaceful’ It Is And You Need To Experience What He Saw!


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They say Pakistan is blessed geographically! Having such a vast neighborhood, where we have almost four countries, alongside our border. Also, we have every country with different ethnicity, almost with no similarities it is always good to have versatility around. Being in a place where the neighboring countries have different weather in the same time span! But just like any house, not every neighbor is a good friend.

So, talking of non-friendly neighbors the first and foremost country that comes to our mind is India, and no one other than that! Probably?! For now, yeah! And when we talk about friendly neighbors, we have plenty! China is the first and then… okay, we only have China as our friend and everyone else is simply jealous of us. Cause “2 rupay ki pepsi PM hamara sexy” okay? And if you can’t understand the previous line, you’ll need a Pakistani friend for that, so…

We have another country who looks like to have some “superiority complex” and thinks that Pakistan is not a cool place to visit! The US, yes! Matlab if we don’t have the statue of liberty, we are not good enough? But we have Quaid e Azam ka mazaar. HUH!

And to break this barrier of “complexity” Internet is the only free medium which is free of any biases and molding. Many international food bloggers and travelers have been to Pakistan and have changed the perception!

So, this American traveler decided to pay a visit to Pakistan despite people stopping him!


197 million people living, happily in a country and people ask how do you live there? Well, it’s not the people who should be blamed, but the media who are portraying an image that Pakistan is “remote, old-school, stereotypical” country!

But when Drew came to Pakistan, he was quite shocked to know the reality! The reality one would only be able to see when you land in Pakistan.

Is Pakistan safe? Duh!

Is Pakistan Safe?

"Watch out for terrorists" … "Why would you ever want to go there?!"…These were some of the many reactions I received from my friends, family members and followers when I told them I was coming to Pakistan.And all I can do is shake my head and laugh!!I've been in Pakistan almost a week already, and there has not been one instance where I felt unsafe. The people are incredibly warm and hospitable, and they will literally break their back to make sure that I am enjoying myself in their country. I've never experienced this kind of hospitality in my life. Am I saying that Pakistan is 100%? Not at all. You need to take normal precautions, just like you would do anywhere else in the world. But what I am trying to tell you is that the reputation you've heard on the media about Pakistan is completely and utterly false. I am absolutely LOVING Pakistan so far, and I can't wait to see more over the coming 8 days! Follow Drew Binsky for daily travel videos. Instagram @drewbinsky. P.S. — for the record, nobody told me to make this video and it is not sponsored by anyone. These are my 100% honest feelings from my experience in Pakistan so far. The truth is that I can never say enough about how amazing this country is. More coming soon!

Posted by Drew Binsky on Sunday, March 24, 2019

To show people how “safe” Pakistan is, he announced on all his social media accounts that he would love to have a public meeting! Drew then meet people from all over the country and he loved their enthusiasm and respect towards him.

After he posted his vlog, people all around the world were filled with positivity and poured more love in the comments!


People from Azerbaijan are always the sweetest!


Awww! We are the best host, do come, please!


Yes! The majestic mountains and the beautiful people of the mountains.


It is always so beautiful to see the exchange of lovely remarks on the internet, indeed a rare scene to witness! But Pakistan always loves welcoming people from around the world. We do not discriminate or judge, irrespective of your religion, cast and nationality we will serve you.

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