Ahmed Shehzad Got Caught Copying Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram Post And People Are Giving Him The Stick!


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Our young cricketing talent Ahmed Shehzad is in the news for all the right reasons again. He definitely has given some brilliant performances in the last PSL which proves what he is capable of and the potential he has if he stays focused. Selfies are good, Ahmed, but cricket is more important. And now our selfie-star has taken our attention by his latest Instagram post and let us show you how.

Ronaldo posted this video a week ago on his Instagram.

The football star Cristiano Ronaldo posted a video of him swimming several days ago. Ronaldo is undoubtedly on the biggest stars football has ever or will ever see, and seeing that a lot of youngsters look up to him and idolize him and want to copy his style. Bas humare youngster ka bhi yehi scene tha.

source: ronaldo instagram

Notice the caption.

Now 2 days ago Ahmed Shehzad posted a similar video on his Instagram.

Now we’re not saying he intentionally copied it but the universe really works in mysterious ways. Both Ronaldo and Shahzad are huge stars and they know swimming and this could have been a mere coincidence, including the caption.

source: Ahmad shahzad

So one thing is decided that both of them are working on their recovery. Their ways are similar, their captions are similar and their greatness is also similar. We don’t even know who the real Ronaldo is anymore. We almost thought Ronaldo is copying Shehzad.

And well, Shehzad was a little criticized for this by his fans (or haters) who asked him to be himself and stop embarrassing himself. Do you think Shehzad went a little too far by making a similar video and that too with the same caption?

This isn’t the first time Pakistani cricketers have copied Ronaldo.

How many of you remember this Ronaldo inspired hairstyle Umar Akmal got? Bhai pata he nahi chal raha tha Ronaldo kon hai aur Umar Akmal kon. Looking beautiful though, Umar. Wish to see you have this hairstyle again with that neon green lipstick that you used to wear in your early days.

And how can we forget Imad Ronaldo?

The latest developments in copying Cristiano Ronaldo by Pakistani cricketers are by our chocolate boy Imad Wasim. We have been seeing him do a Ronaldo-esque celebration after he takes a wicket. One thing is for sure, Ronaldo has a great fan following in our cricket team.

We really do hope that our cricketers also get inspired by Ronaldo’s star performances and copy him in that rather than just his style.


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