This Rickshaw Driver In Karachi Is Earning Rs.13,000 A Day Because Of His Kind Heart And Generosity!


This Rickshaw Driver In Karachi Is Earning Rs. 13,000 A Day Because Of His Kind Heart And Generosity!


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This cute grandpa rikshaw driver is going viral on social media for all the good reasons. I am Edhi, he believes in the ideology of Edhi hence, decide to become Edhi in his own capacity.

Living in Pakistan is getting tougher by day for middle and underprivileged classes. The news pouring in every day is filled with despair. It’s easy to lose hope and it’s difficult not to get depressed and frustrated. But in the flood of bad news, there are these gems like Abdul Salam, a  rickshaw driver from Karachi.


If you don’t believe in the impact of individual acts of kindness ad the difference they can make please read on. This senior rikshaw driver is a ray of hope for them in the dark cruel world.

He drives a rickshaw just to help out commuters traveling far and wide in the city. The story is shared by Kamran Sakrani, a NED student. He was trying to hail a rickshaw but due to the peak hours, the rickshaw drivers were asking for higher rates.

That’s when he came across this gem of persons who agreed to take him in less than average fare. On the ride, the rickshaw driver opened up about himself. He told the Kamran how he drives the rikshaw only to serve. As now his sons are grown up and take care of the household expenses.

Here’s the story by Kamran Sankrani shared on a facebook page!

Abdus Salam said he has always charged minimal fares to students as they are the future of our country. The wise rickshaw driver is also aware of the brain drain and wants to serve his part in preventing kids from leaving Pakistan for a better future. He considers driving rickshaw a noble job as it lets him serve his purpose in life.

He also added that an average rickshaw driver earns 5 to 6 thousand a day, but Abdul Salam earns almost double the amount. For every ride that he charges below average, he gets a customer who pays him more than the fare.

People like Abdul Salam are a shining example of how small acts of selfless kindness can impact another person’s heart. Just like he has touched Kamran Sankrani and everybody he shared the story with. Let’s become Edhi and make our contribution, however little it is.

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