Meet Abdul Aziz The Survivor of Christchurch Mosque Incident And The Hero Who Chased Away The White Supremacist

Meet Abdul Aziz – The Survivor of Christchurch Mosque Incident And The Hero Who Chased Away The White Supremacist!


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New Zealand’s PM declared 15th March to the darkest day for the country. That Friday of the year will be remembered by the world. That Friday, many Muslims offered there last Jumma prayer. The central mosque in Christchurch fell silent right after the namaz, but the reason for that silence is quite unfortunate. Not just men, but little kids and many women too lost their lives.

The culprit went live on Facebook before going inside the mosque, and right before he entered he played loud music in the car, which was parked right outside the mosque and said: “Let’s begin the party”! He even posted a dozed pages manifesto a few hours before he downed more than 40 people in the mosque. It was a questionable situation in which people and media are asking why nobody noticed that and did not take any actions against it.

This incident made every human heart cry, regardless of caste, creed, nation, and religion! After the incident, the way New Zealand’s government handled the situation is the biggest example to follow for every country.

But in this chaos, the beautiful land of New Zealand found a hero in the survivors of the Christchurch mosque.


Abdul Aziz is 47-years-old and was born in Afghanistan. Aziz has lived 27 years of his life in Australia. He was present at the Lindwood mosque with his four children when the incident happened. He saw when the culprit downed people. He chased him away from the mosque!

Speaking to Reuters he said: “He had on army clothes. “I wasn’t sure if he was the good guy or the bad guy. When he swore at me, I knew that he’s not the good guy.” 

He also told how he chased the guy: “I was screaming at the guy, ‘come over here, come over here’ – I just wanted to put his focus on me,”

Aziz added: “When he saw me with the shotgun in my hands, he dropped the gun and ran away toward his car. I chased him. He sat in his car and with the shotgun in my hands, I threw it through his window like an arrow. He just swore at me and took off.”  

After his heroic act, people all over the internet are praising him!


Being a father of four kids, he took the bravest move ever!


Indeed a hero!


There were people questioning, that from where and how did Aziz got the credit card machine which he used to chase off the culprit, here’s something for you!


Here’s a full video of him, Abdul Aziz said: “It wasn’t him, it was God that saved everybody.”!

They say real heroes never wear a cape, and now the world saw it too! The father of four kids, the capeless hero of New Zealand. May, we have more people like Abdul Aziz and not like Branton Tarrant!

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