Aamir Liaquat Just Made A Disgusting Joke During His Live Ramzan Show And What Is This Badtameezi?


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Aamir Liaquat is back to hosting the Ramzan show called ‘Hamara Ramzan’ on PTV after taking a break for health reasons and didn’t skip a chance to make it in the news yet again. If you are not familiar, he is a televangelist, a politician, and member of the National Assembly. While hosting the Ramzan Show he cracked a joke on Live National TV and as we know him, it wouldn’t come off as a surprise to discover that it was vulgar in nature.

Social media is not pleased with his latest inappropriate stunt and are demanding PEMRA to ban him. This isn’t the first time such requests are made against Aamir Liaquat Hussain. Furthermore, in his previous records, this television host has been banned by PEMRA not once but twice. He was first banned in 2016 from hosting a Ramzan show called ‘inaam ghar’ after showing inappropriate content including an offensive disturbing re-enactment of a suicide. Then in 2017, Aamir was slapped with a ban by Islamabad High Court after being accused of spreading hate speech and was prohibited to appear on any TV Channels.

History Repeats Itself. Social Media Enraged, Another PEMRA Ban In-Sight?

Ramzan shows are meant to add Islamic knowledge, elevate the emaan of the believers with quality content revolving around the importance of the holy month guiding Muslims and not this ridiculousness. Aamir Liaquat has sure disappointed us again and it seems that he isn’t improving and progressing as a professional in the field of media.

Some expect such rubbish from him.


I think a question that looms in everyone’s mind.

Knocking sense is a lost cause with this one.

People are clearly in outrage and want PEMRA to take action against Aamir.

‘Disgusting is too small a word here’

The sentiments of Pakistanis are definitely hurt and with their collective tweets to PEMRA, Aamir’s position is not looking bright.

What do you think about Aamir’s latest stunt? Do you wish to see a permanent ban on him? Let us know in the comment section below.

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