These 3 'Aadamkhor' Women In Karachi Bit A Man And The Details Are Creepy


These 3 ‘Aadamkhor’ Women In Karachi Bit A Man And The Details Are Creepy!


The crime rate in Pakistan only increases and no matter how much we strive to avoid/decrease it, it just manages to go above. A street offense is one the most common kind of crime, sometimes with drunk drivers or the other with theft and reckless driving. People end up suffering from these lawbreaking citizens.

Recently, we stumbled upon a post where a legal resident was  hit and bitten in the middle of the street by three adamkhor women. For a moment, this might sound hilarious that a man couldn’t defend himself and maybe he’s a coward, but let us put a stop on all of your assumptions and tell you that this man – Ali Usama Shah, didn’t retaliate out of respect for these women and stayed calm.

On his Facebook post, Shah penned down his entire experience with few pictures and recording of the incident following evening. He was with his wife while this event occurred!

“Last night, I was coming back home from Khadda Market with my wife. There was a Mehran (FN-5027) car along with 3 women (1 girl, 1 old woman, one young kid). The girl was driving and started siding me nonstop. She was either drunk or high on something. When I overtook them and asked them what the problem is, the girl came out of the car and pushed me. She then took out my car keys and threw them away on the street. People gathered and asked me to leave. I was told to avoid the matter as they were all women so I said alright and sat in my car. I was waiting for the light to turn green and again the same girl hit my bumper from the back. I came out of my car and the same girl also came out from her car and then she started hitting me along with the old lady who claimed herself to be the mother of that girl. I did not even raise my hand once because that old lady was my mother’s age. They took complete advantage of this fact and kept hitting me. In fact, I was bitten twice and scratched by nails here and there. There are also scratches on my car trunk. Apart from this, this young girl opened my back seat car door and sat inside my car and kept taking out the keys so I could not leave. My wife made videos of her and she started to threaten her and ask her to delete the videos. My wife deleted them but luckily had one other video which she had already sent me prior to the deletion so that I have it on my phone as proof in case needed. Anyway, I gave my written statement to the police and wanted to share this with everyone here. If you are a girl or a woman, that does not give you the right to bash someone. There are ways to deal with a certain situation rather than doing what she did. I condemn such acts and warn others to be careful of such people!”

People believed that these women were either possessed or high and that is what might have led them to behave a certain way. It’s about time we put a stop on all of this nonsense. It’s unfair how men are always blamed for every tiny thing. We really hope Ali and his wife are better and getting over this mental trauma. What’s your take on this?

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