Another 3-Year-Old Innocent Girl Was Subjected To "Ziyadti" And Was Left Lifeless In Abbottabad!


Another 3-Year-Old Innocent Girl Was Subjected To “Ziyadti” And Was Left Lifeless In Abbottabad!


We often hear people complain about how the media is now only showing the bad news across. Every morning when a Pakistani opens the TV or switch to their mobile phones, all they see is bad news. News which only brings sorrow and misery! But the question is why would the world want to live a life which is full of “fake happiness” and false hope?

The media is showing the true face of society! The face which shows every human the mirror which they didn’t want to see. From corruption which presses the neck of a middle-class person to the targeted killing in which many innocents have lost their lives.

This year started off with the saddest news ever possible; when the innocent Zainab lost her life, who fell prey at the hands of a beast.

Followed by that many many cases opened. Many other cases from Kasur and all over the country erupted the surface. There was chaos in the air of the country. Never the less, the culprit was identified and jailed, and just recently he was sentenced to death.

And just in this month, another girl from Sialkot was killed after being mishandled. Her mother was at Umrah and she was living with her maternal family, and the worst part was that her own maternal uncle was involved in this heinous crime.

Now, in Abbottabad, a three-year-old girl was mishandled and later she was left breathless in an abandoned place!

Faryal was only 3-years-old and like every kid, she went out to play in the evening. Later, in the night when she didn’t return home, her family was worried about her and started searching for her. The next day she was found in an abandoned place.

CM KPK, gave the notice to arrest the culprit as soon as possible. The police have taken this case in the notice and are handling the case furthermore to investigate it.

This is one of those cases to show to all the people who say that it’s a woman’s dressing and behavior that provokes men! A 3-year-old?! How could a kid this young be provoking anyone? It’s really not about the victim provoking the culprit “to do it” but rather the actual mindset of the culprit. They are sick, they need help. It’s a mental illness which needs to be addressed!  May we be able to cure it and prevent this crime.

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