Musa Naeem’s Suicide Teaches Us That There Is More To Life Than Just Good Grades


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Depression is an illness that has no physical presence but is deadly enough to take lives. Depression in Pakistan is not a myth, every year dozens of people commit suicide because of the illness along with lack of attention and mental trauma.

Only a few days back, a 17-year-old young Pakistani kid named Musa Naeem committed suicide. The reason? An extreme case of depression, according to the people close to him.


Musa Naeem was a very enthusiastic child. One of his favorite hobbies was to sing, as he had a pretty decent voice. According to his friends and relatives, there were two main reasons for Musa’s actions. Musa was a student of 1st-year at Nishat College Multan, and his result suppressed his hopes for having a better future. Some believe that Musa committed suicide because of the low marks he got in his 1st-year exams, showcasing that studies had burdened the child.

However, other friends, including his class-fellows, suggest that Musa committed suicide because of the constant trouble he had been facing at home. Apparently, his parents used to fight every day, which became too much for Musa to bear mentally, and he decided to leave the world. Whatever the case may be, the fact is that a life was lost meaninglessly.

Musa was an extremely talented singer and a video of his is present on social media, where he sings an Indian song and sends his fellow schoolmates crazy. To think that this smiling boy would one day commit suicide is out of the question.


Different pressures society puts on us with undue expectations, which originally are superseded to us by our families, can take an innocent life without us realizing. Musa’s departure teaches a lot of different lessons, but as always, we will end up ignoring them. The 17-year-old star has stopped twinkling because society put too much pressure on him.

Parents need to sit and decide themselves on what their limit is when it comes to their children’s education and grades. Are good grades that important that they are willing to push their children off of buildings? Are grades so important that they’d rather have no child than a child with low marks? Let us pray that no other child suffers the same mental trauma Musa suffered. Amen.

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