This Pakistani Guy’s Lover Drugged Him Just To Do Something Unimaginable!


In Pakistan, we have witnessed that people get deceived very cleverly in the matter of organ stealing. Many people in the hospital go and come back knowing that they lost an organ while they were not conscious in the hospital. All such institutes sell kidneys and earn huge amount of money.

In Faisalabad, a guy named Zahid started talking to a woman named Gulshan Bibi. He fell in love with her and finally planned to go meet her one day. Little did he know that when he met the girl, she drugged the guy. And when he woke up and noticed that he had stitches on the side of his abdomen and his kidney was taken out, Zahid was in a state of shock!

Here’s the complete video:

پیار پیار میں ایک حسینہ نے محبوب کا گردہ ہی نکال لیا

پیار پیار میں ایک حسینہ نے محبوب کا گردہ ہی نکال لیا

Posted by City41 on Thursday, 5 April 2018

The guy was trapped in a very bad manner after which he regretted going there and not collecting enough information about the girl prior to meeting her. Well, the number of organ trafficking in Pakistan is way more than any other country. Many institutes have been practicing organ trafficking and sell these organs in a hefty amount to many foreign countries.

People in the comment section made fun of the guy who got deceived and lost his kidney, and how his love made him lose his kidney. But do people realize that if the culprit gets caught, he/she will have a long imprisonment to face? Maybe the government should take corrective measures against all the organ trafficking institutes so anyone who thinks of doing it should know the consequences.

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