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The Strategy Behind Pakistan’s Champions Trophy Campaign

Before the commencement of this long-awaited highly hyped ICC event, Pakistan was a team struggling for direction, representing a nation fighting for an identity. The country has long been at…

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Watch How Maryam Aurangzeb’s Mother Guards Her with Six Eggs from the Curse of JIT

Are you going out? Recite Ayat ul Kursi, my son! Have you given some coins in charity before leaving for the office? Beta, please never forget to wear that “Kaala Dhaaga”…

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“Microsoft gave Calibri to me as a gift when I visited Bill Gates” – Maryam Nawaz

An open letter to my fellow Pakistanis! When you’re wrongfully blamed of having fabricated documents, you can only wonder when and why your countrymen decided to turn against you. I…

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The International University of Islamabad Has Implemented A New Rule And It Freaks Out The Students Apparently

The International Islamic University of Islamabad is renowned for its almost 90% of controversial implementations. Most recently university’s security cell took a new step the notification was posted on one of…

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