Is Naya Pakistan Jinnah’s Pakistan?


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From the last 71 years, Islamic Republic of Pakistan has gone from worse to worst. This journey from E to T is full of untold stories of the past. The statistics, however, might not be enough to justify this personalized statement. But the ground realities suggest otherwise. We as a nation have deteriorated not just economically but also morally. We have kept aside the values of our forefathers. In an attempt to westernize ourselves, we have gripped onto their practices that they too would not approve of.

Pakistan, the land of pure and the land of rivers have been destroyed in these 7 decades with a very strategic approach. The damage has seeped down to the grass root level. Yet this country still manages to stay on the world map. The chanting of the immigrants of 1947, Pakistan ka Matlab kya? LA ILLAHA ILLALAH is the only logical explanation contributing towards its survival until now. Our ancestors saw hope in the eyes of Jinnah. The youth today see a different pair of eyes with the same hope.

Source: Paki Mag

Imran Khan, known to the world for captaining Pakistan’s cricket team in 1992 and earning a winning trophy. However, to most Pakistanis including myself who weren’t born at that time, We find him as a devoted person. He gave up his most essential things and strived for people who were not related to him by blood, but only by the same administrative language.

He saw individuals suffering, not meeting standards even below the poverty line and it troubled him all these years. The reason he continued his journey for 22 long years. He gave Pakistan,  Shaukat Khanum – cancer treating hospital, knowing that this won’t bring his mother back but this can definitely save thousands of our beloved individuals.


In 2013, the ideology of Naya Pakistan was laid down. There were political hurdles but he did manage to win over people of Khaybar Pakhtoon Khwah. Fast forward to 2018, the world still sees him as the captain with a winning trophy. In his latest public address, he talked about poverty, the importance of education, measures to hold every individual accountable for their acts and the deprivation of basic necessities to the majority of the population one way or the other. He talked about uplifting us as a nation and replanting the same old grassroots.

Now that we are in NAYA PAKISTAN, it rests upon our shoulders that we make sure we accompany him in this mission. We make sure, we question him when we feel his idea doesn’t correspond to what we had in mind. And we make sure we get Jinnah’s Pakistan for not just us but for generations to come.

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