This Indian Guy Shares What He Learned In “Pakistani Jail” After Illegally Visiting His Online Girlfriend And It Is Hilarious!


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Well, we all grow up listening to the stories of “crazy love”, where the famous stories of some neighborhood lovebirds are quite widespread in the mohalla. There is always a couple in every neighborhood who is known for their “shadded mohobbat” and how their love is not complete. Either their parents don’t agree, or their status doesn’t match. But in the worst case scenario, either of them is suni/shia, hehe lol, okay sorry!

But here in this not-so-love-story case, something very different happened, though it is undoubtfully filmy but you’d be a little shocked to know the reality! Pakka promise!

This Indian guy named Hamid Ansari, who lived a “fake” life online with multiple Facebook accounts and emails; fell for a girl in Pakistan. He not only talked to this one girl but many other girls too! But his fate fell prey at the hands of this one girl from Kohat, KPK!

After being in a relationship with the pakhtoon girl for about two years, her parents found out about this cross-cultural relationship and decided her to marry the person they have chosen for her.

BUT!!! Hamid had another plot in his mind, “Dil Waly Dulhania Lejaeingy” matlab how can you leave the girl of your dreams?!

Haamid decided to cross the Pakistani border illegally from Afghanistan. So, he did! He thought that fake life he was living online would be successful in reality too!

He came to Pakistan and “agencies” took hold of him and got to know that he entered the country illegally.

He entered Pakistan in 2012 November and left in 2018 December! He was jailed for 6 damn years! Guess what he has to say after being jailed for six years!

Never fall in love on Facebook: Lessons Hamid Nihal Ansari learnt during 6 years in Pakistan jail

Indian national Hamid Nihal Ansari, who returned to India after being jailed in Pakistan for six years, has a message for youngsters – never fall in love with anyone on social media platforms like Facebook

Posted by Zee News English on Thursday, December 20, 2018

He even lied to his parents for coming to Kabul for a job opportunity! But all the lies were cracked open to them after he was jailed in Pakistan. Wondering what happened to the girl? Well, when he was in jail Hamid’s mother talked to the girl’s father and he said that his daughter was married to another person and refused to share any contact details.

Poor Hamid was left alone in jail and heartbroken. No wonder his “advice” is coming straight from his heart!

Toh bacho, kia seekha aj apny? Do not fall in love on Facebook! Okay?!
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