Here’s How Every Pakistani Can Work Together To Reduce Traffic Violations!


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Our society lives in the bliss of ignorance. The educated have become the layman and the illiterates; leaders. Amongst these crooked personalities are concentrated outlaws promoting the very nature of exploitation and anarchy to their best interests.

Out of these inflationary problems occurring daily, traffic violations are a nuisance for the mass. We fail to recognize the vulnerability of fellow drivers when we are alongside them.

I was driving on a busy road in Islamabad last week. There was four-way traffic. Now, a traffic light usually takes seconds to shower its chameleon skills from a bright red to a greeting yellow. However, for some people, time ticks at the speed of light. On my right was a Honda Civic Dark Knight Edition (model 2018), a middle-aged man in a suit, with a Dunhill stick perched on his lips and a Rayban.

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After checking the territory, he used his instincts to steer away on a red. I was appalled. The shock was not because he had broken the traffic light, but the high-esteem he felt as his car jolted from a 0 to 60 in 3 seconds.

A taxi driver liked what he saw. He decided to give a protocol to the Civic. A motorbiker felt that he would be deemed a dubious individual if he stayed with the rest of the crowd any longer. The scenario was not about being lawful now. It was about being the so-called “Daredevil”. This all happened within seconds. That Dunhill smoker single-handedly triggered the trickle-down effect.

I learned a valuable lesson that day. Law is not a law until an enforcer is present within the vicinity. Looking back at the elections and the whole sequel of the movement “Naya Pakistan”, I felt a sting of shame as a Pakistani. We as a society, always want the government to sort us out from A to Z. We have lost the guts to point a wrongdoer out in the crowd in the fear of being targetted or involved in court proceedings.

Source: Pakistan Point

I am not saying there are no bad apples in the basket, but those bad apples are filtered from the rest in fear of contamination, not left in to create baby parasites or leeches in this case.

We want our country to become the “Madina Riyasat” but fail to follow the building blocks of any civilization. Corruption and narcotics are extreme cases to be assessed. We have failed as a nation to keep our traffic laws intact.

I would suggest to not correct the outsiders but yourself. Do not fight, make them realize. Do not shout, dig their guilt. And lastly, if they fight, use the power of social media (Facebook live has solved many unreported cases, use that channel to resurrect the fallen state)

I would conclude this by saying whenever there is a need for correction, it should always start with Me, Not We.

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