Woman Sexually Abused On Train Going From Lahore To Karachi By Railway Employees!


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Sexual abuse has always been a sensitive issue that has created outrage many times but failed to make it stop maybe because it has always been a taboo.

Considering the increasing number of such cases it won’t be wrong to say that our homeland has failed to protect its “women” irrespective of their age. It disappointing how safe Pakistan is a mere statement now for women, with not really attached to it. Yet, another brutal incident of such sort was reported today where a woman was sexually abused in a train going from Karachi to Lahore.


The woman was sexually abused by the railway clerk, who took her to his compartment when she was unable to find a seat for herself. At Sahiwal, the screams of the women alerted the Police, which resulted in them rescuing the women and arresting the accuser. The victim was later sent to a DHQ hospital for her physical examination. According to the investigation, the culprit’s name is Amjad and he belongs from Rawalpindi. More information regarding him has revealed that he used to work for railway plan. Another railway clerk named Afzal has also been arrested for further investigation.

Saad Rafique, the current minister of railways claimed that train journeys for Pakistanis has been made safe. But his statement completely contradicts with what the scenario is now. Hope more work is in progress for making this states safe again for women.

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