This Pakistani Girl Think That PTI Government Is On A Journey Towards Failed Approach And You Need To See This!


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Power is such a toxic thing that it sometimes leaves behind all morality and humanity. When someone leaves his ideology to become a part of the power, it shows how inconsistent the man is. When propaganda and distortion of facts are deliberately done by the ruling government, it shows how much vindictive approach the government has.

Hopes were created by the PTI to establish ‘Naya Pakistan’ where the law, education and all the basic facilities would be the same for everyone. But the ‘change’ is itself on a ventilator within a span of a few months. It would be the biggest achievement of the PTI if they could keep themselves relevant to politics regarding their performance till the next general election. Naya Pakistan is built by the same status quo against those Imran Khan takes credits of his 22 years long struggle. He couldn’t stand on principle for his lingering desire for power.

When one is surrounded by the coterie of a flattery people, it becomes easy to comprehend the intellectuality of the leader. Flatterers don’t tell the reality to and keep everyone in the dark tunnel to take maximum benefit from the system by sycophantic means. PTI has seen the corridors of power for the first time, so their flamboyant and vindictive attitude towards the opposition is self-evident and explicit to everyone.

Source: ARY News

The way Nawaz Sharif is being treated in jail shows lack of morality of government for its nemesis. His party was targeted by the judiciary before the election and those who left no stone unturned to end his political career in his twilight had given a new life to his party and his workers by their poor performance mainly in the most populous province, Punjab. An incompetent and inexperienced person, Usman Buzdar, takes therein of the province and his incompetence reminds people about ‘Shahbaz Speed’.

Once Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was hanged in a judicial murder, but his name still resonates. Now the same covert means are being used against Nawaz Sharif to end his politics in the name of accountability. Those who are the most powerful and formidable are not included in the complicated web of accountability. For a cricketer-turned-politician, Imran Khan, running a nuclear state country is like a cricket match as it has remained the most favorite hobby for him to mention 1992 World Cup in his speeches on each and every occasion and politics for him is a good sport.

Source: SUCH TV

A truly democratic government is the representative of the people’s will. It doesn’t despise its people but makes all efforts to address their grievances. Pakistan was created as a result of the struggle of the democratic forces, but in same Pakistan, democratic and fundamental rights were curbed.

Grievances of Balochistan is not a point of concern for the government as Balochistan National Party leader, Sardar Akhtar Mengal has shown his reservations many times on the six-point agenda which was signed by both sides and he also presented the list of missing persons in the National Assembly. In the past, Imran Khan raised his voice on many occasions for the missing persons and the Pashtuns, but now there is total silence on these issues by the government.

While doing an experiment if one method or strategy is failed, the examiner tried to adopt another methodology with another new approach meticulously dissecting the flaws. Again and again, tried, tested and failed methodology can be beneficial and valuable in experimental labs, but when these botched strategies are conducted on humans especially with the country they can be dangerous. For how many times failed tested would be done with the democratic process?

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