These Luxury Toilets at M2 Motorway Are Raising Many Eyebrows for All the Right Reasons


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Looking at the conditions of the public lavatory in Pakistan, the condition is shambolic which need a lot of work and require proper improvement and maintenance.

The most underrated problem is public restroom which is never talked about or brought to attention.

Many times we enter the public washrooms cringing already by the idea of how dirty and unhygienic they are and leave the washroom feeling frustrated.

Pakistani government oversees important matters like these which need to be looked into and considered highly important.

Living in Pakistan most of us have traveled through Lahore/Islamabad motorway. The typical restrooms on the motorway are cost-free but these new luxury restrooms have something new for you.

Hascol Petroleum is one of the leading integrated Oil Marketing Company engaged in sale and marketing of petroleum products. Hascol took this initiative of erecting luxury toilets on M2 motorway.

These washrooms were built in 2017 but just now they got attention on social media and it’s all over the place.

These washrooms are free paper money. Clever! People need to have a card with credit installed.  For frequent users, they have a membership card and upon buying a package you get discounts as well.

What makes these washrooms any different than the usual ones? Well, they have split ACs installed and the exquisite feel you get when you enter. Worth paying 50? Eh?

Things like these should not have a price, which actually depicts that they are depriving people of their basic need to have a good and well-maintained restroom.

Many developed countries try to provide the public with basic needs as subsidized as possible and on much other stuff they do not charge tax. But here this move is more than just a marketing strategy to pull more money out of the public.

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