Proud Pakistan Is The 3rd Largest Contributor To UN Peacekeeping Missions


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Ever since 9/11, Pakistan has been a part of the war against terrorism and finally, the country can see itself escape from being a forced ally of the United States. Even after 15 years of sacrifices, the West says Pakistan has not done ‘enough’ in the war against terrorism.

With thousands dead and billions of dollars worth losses, Pakistan has not just fought against terrorism but has been a significant contributor to the UN peacekeeping missions as well. Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the country’s Senate that officially, Pakistan is the third highest contributor to UN peacekeeping missions all over the world.


As many as 7,123 Pakistani peacekeepers; which includes 6,703 armed forces personnel, 74 experts of military, 66 officers of staff and 280 officials of police have been currently deployed for 7 different UN peacekeeping missions; which includes Congo, Darfur, Haiti, Liberia, West Sahara, Central African Republic and Sudan.

Almost 142 Pakistani officials have lost their lives in different UN peacekeeping missions. Most Pakistani personnel have been deployed to the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, with as many as 3486 personnel of armed forces including troops, military experts, and staff officers performing their duties for the betterment of the status quo.


As reported by Pakistani news-hub Express Tribune, “In case of casualty while performing duty, the UN pays a package of $70,000 in compensation. Payments are directly remitted to the duly recognized beneficiaries of the deceased, the upper house of parliament was informed. The deadliest mission for Pakistani troops in terms of lives lost was in Somalia in the early 1990s. At least 40 Pakistani soldiers lost lives in peacekeeping duties in that country.”

The other two countries above Pakistan as the leading contributors for UN peacekeeping missions are Ethiopia and India. It is extremely shocking that no other superpower of the world contributes as much as three third-world countries, while they are the ones who have gripped the UN completely.

However, it is a proud moment for Pakistanis to know that their nation and armed forces not just take care of them, but also other nations who are suffering similar or worse fate.

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