Latest CCTV Footage of Zainab’s Murder Case Leads to Different Clues


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Pakistanis are prone to the silent culture which till date has kept many quiet instead of addressing the brutal issue of harassment. Some days back, 7-year-old Zainab Amin’s body was recovered from a garbage heap near her home. As per the DNA reports, she was raped and then killed. The innocent soul was a resident of Kasur, a place which is no stranger to any of us regarding its high profile pedophilia cases. The investigation of the case is in progress since long, though as per the new progress Zainab’s parents haven’t recognized the victim to be someone they knew from before.


The CCTV footage surfacing the internet for days had speculation that Zainab knew the person based on how calm she was. Though there were around 2-3 pictures of the victims that were constantly being shared but disappointingly, Zainab’s parents don’t recognize any of them. The investigation suggests that there hasn’t been any progress in arresting the victim.

Police have also added that the victim doesn’t belong to Kasur, he is either of some other city or might have visited the city for this ruthless act. On the basis of the fact, till now, Police has failed to work on the case efficiently as the DNA, they got of the people even mismatched. Although, the security agencies have done much progress which the help of high-end technology.


All the pedophiles that surround us all have been benefiting from the awkward discussions, taking advantage of the taboo and ignorance. To give us your feedback kindly like, comment down below and share the article.

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