This Is How You Can Find Out Who Has Been Stalking You On All Your Social Media Apps!


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In the 21st century, social media has become one of the most vital parts of everyone’s lives. Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and the world, indeed, has become a global village, with everything available at the comfort of a touch. Our social lives have become public, and every single application takes a certain time every day.

One question that has always intrigued everyone is that who has been watching you on social media? Who has been secretly looking at your pictures, the content you share, and even certain things about your life you wouldn’t want everyone to know. Although there are many apps that offer to tell you about these ‘stalkers’, there’s nothing concrete.

For Facebook


Although Facebook does not let you see every person who has visited your profile,  the website tracks friends who’ve checked out your ephemeral Facebook Stories updates in a list that only you can see. Apart from this, there’s a follow option in your privacy settings. By checking your followers, you can see who apart from your friends’ list has been near your profile. There’s also a secret list where you can add people from your list and each time you post, the list’s creator will get a notification, without you finding out. There’s also the rumor of if the ‘people you may know’ have been near your profile or not.

On Twitter


The stalker’s paradise. Being a very opinionated and open platform, stalking is easiest on Twitter. Anyone from anywhere in the world can access your profile and see what you’ve been up to. They’ll see all your tweets along with the pictures you share. A good way to secure yourself is by protecting your account on Twitter, this way only followers you’ll allow will see your profile. However, offers a lot of insight on how your interactions have been.

For Instagram


Just as you can see on your Facebook story, that who has been watching your content, the same applies to Instagram. To avoid from general people looking at your profile you have to protect your account. Remember, when you keep your account open, every # you write under can be seen by anyone in the world. However, if you protect your account, you can control who visits your pictures and stories.

On Snapchat


The founders of ‘story mode’, Snapchat is indeed one of the most booming social media applications. People all over the world use it and the same follow/allow method is applied while adding friends. The best way to know if somebody has been near your content a lot is by seeing that if they have screenshot anything, it may be a picture, from a video, or even the text chat.

All these little hacks allow you to keep control on who visits your profile and not. In the modern day, when everything has become so accessible, the ease has brought along a lot of dangerous subaspects as well. It is better to keep your social media apps under your watch, along with who sees it.

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