This Conspiracy Theory Suggests That Tik-Tok Is An Illuminati Fitna And Muslims Should Avoid Using The App!


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The globalizing world never stops its progressive nature. Every single day, people in different parts of the world come across new leisure activities and concepts that they previously had been aloof of. With the growing technology, people are discovering new things to spend their precious time on.

For Muslims, there is a set circle of limitation, in everything. A new phenomenon the world has discovered lately is an application named Tik-Tok which is available on smartphones. Initially, the application was found and launched by the Chinese named as ‘Doing’. Due to its vast popularity, people invested in and created another version of the app, known as Tik-Tok.


The app currently is present in more than 175 countries of the world and has almost 500 million active users. Now, everyone knows what Tik-Tok has been made for. Lip-sync videos, cover videos, acting attempts, and even reactions.

Being very famous in Pakistan, this theory, by a local tv channel, suggests that the Illuminati are behind the excessive distribution of the app and it has been served as a ‘fitna’ – to tremble the faith of Muslims and take them away from the circle of Islam.

The app, apparently, celebrates ‘fahaashi’, which is against the beliefs of Muslims. Due to the app’s unpredictable nature, the government of Indonesia, this July, banned it completely.

Watch the theory in detail here!

The theory further suggests that the application wastes the time of the youth, keeping them away from both religion and productivity. The temporary fame being given to the users from this application is also an Illuminati agenda. Women dressing in short clothes, showing different parts of their bodies, and feeling proud in the act, this is against what Islam teaches completely.

Young girls, Pakistani and others, are creating profiles under fake names and celebrating fahaashi openly, with their families and friends aloof of their activities. Girls can be seen dancing, singing, being physically involved with guys – all with no consequences whatsoever.

As for the guys, they have taken this as an opportunity to socialize with the opposite gender, and together, create content that is against what Islam teaches them, alone or together. Conspiracy theories like these are not uncommon. Previously, fatwas and agendas of fitna have been sent against many different applications, including Facebook itself.

Even though the claims in the theory are not incorrect, but to state that it is an Illuminati agenda and fitna might be pushing things too far. What do you think of the theory?

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