After Donkey Meat, Lahoris Are Ready To Try Ostrich Meat And Pakistanis Are Having A Good Laugh!


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So, the latest news that has been surfacing over social media is that the Department of Livestock and Dairy Development of Punjab, Sardar Hasnain Dreshak, opened an ostrich meat shop on Tuesday, 15th of January at the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences on the Abdul Qadir Jilani road.

The people who were at the occasion included UVAS vice-chancellor Dr. Talat Naseer Pasha and Ostrich Association of Pakistan president Raja Tahir Latif.

On Monday, the Punjab Livestock Department decided to provide ostrich meat even on meatless days such as Tuesdays and Wednesdays in butcher shops throughout the province. In cooperation with the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and Ostrich Association of Pakistan, the department has been working on the project to promote the sale of oyster meat.

This is what people had to say to this piece of news:

Dog meat? Really? These Pakistanis have a way to let their emotions out! (Funny though)

This really cracked us up!

Heera Mandi?

What do you have to say about this?


“The ostrich meat will be available on a daily basis at several departmental stores and butcher shops. Ostrich meat is more beneficial and nutritious than mutton and beef and is a good source of nutrition for people of all ages.”  Dreshak stated that ostrich farming is a new but profitable business.

The minister went on to say that the shops will carry ostrich farms names, tag numbers, number of birds and weights. Usually, 2.5-2.45 kilograms of meat is obtained from one ostrich. Initially, 400 farms have been registered in Punjab where 20,000 birds are kept.

They also added that the meat will be sold from Rs1.300 to Rs1.500 per kilogram. The price of an oyster is around Rs60,000, the minister said, but the additional prices will slow with the increase in bird breeding. He also mentioned that the government is working to provide the masses with standard and cheap meat. In reply to a question, the minister stated that talks will be held with the federal government regarding the export of the ostrich meat. Dreshak said the last installment of the subsidy to be given to the ostrich farms has yet to be made. The decision regarding the subsidy will be made in the next fiscal year.

Dr. Pasha mentioned that the entire purpose of this was the have a better connection of a consumer with the farmer so that they can have better access to market and improve their quality of life in terms of monetary values.  Moreover, a large number of people from civil society, officials of the livestock department and UVAS faculty members were at the event.

So, now that we know that ostrich meat shop has been opened in Lahore, and showed you what people actually had to say about it, what do you think is fair? Does it make sense to actually do this? Are we in need of this? Or was this just not necessary! Have something more to add to this story? Let us know in the comments section!


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