Senior Anchor Nusrat Javed Alleges That Prime Minister Imran Khan Tried To Get Him Assassinated!


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The 22nd Prime minister and his government are under huge criticism ever since they took the oath.  Be it opposition, anchors or common people on social media platforms, all are disparaging Imran Khan for his various decisions.

The lead anchor of a private channel in Pakistan, Nusrat Javed has alleged that Prime minister Imran Khan tried to have him killed. In back to back tweets around 12 pm – 7 December, Nusrat Javed asserted that he is alive though Prime minister tried to annihilate him.

Nusrat Javed did not stop there and continued tweeting till 4.21 am.  In further tweets, he criticized all those who were trolling him – PTI trollers – and thanked those who were condoling him form surviving the so-called attack. Besides, In a reply to a tweet, he said “Sir I survived and you want chaskaa. Thanks but no thanks. Can you realize that I have daughters and sisters and all of them can’t sleep after realizing that I was about to be bumped off?”

Nusrat Javed while describing the intensity of the attack.

The anchor addressing PTI followers

However, many on twitter including media persons made fun of Nusrat Javed. People accused that Nusrat Javed is drunk and that is why he tweeting all this rubbish. Nusrat Javed negated all the allegations. A person asked him, ” reduce the dose” and Nusrat Javed replied, ” How much your leader sniff. I am willing to go for the half of it.”

Replying to someone calling him drunk

A person replying to Javed’s Tweet “Nasha Sharab ma hota to..”

A PTI follower tweeted a picture and tried to prove that Nusrat Javed was drunk last night

This man is stating that Nusrat has taken a pathetic step to become popular

Anyhow, The Nawa e Waqt columnist asserted that the plan was to execute him under “Drunk driving”. To prove his point he further said that he was ready to be charged and sent to jail.

The journalist recently left his job in one of Pakistan’s leading news channel and now has made a serious allegation against the current Prime Minister.

However, he hasn’t tweeted after 4 am people are seriously waiting to see his next tweet as many hope he would apologize for the ‘drunk’ tweets he made last night. Anyhow, government authorities must probe into this serious allegation made by the senior anchor.

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