So, Apparently, Najam Sethi Just Said That Imran Khan Has Had A Huge Fight At Home And This Is Confusing

So, Apparently, Najam Sethi Just Said That Imran Khan Has Had A Huge Fight At Home And This Is Confusing!


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The renowned Pakistani journalist and ex-Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) who is famous for his prediction in Pakistani politics revealed another big news last night. In a talk show, Najam Sethi said that according to his famous ‘Chirya’ Bani Gala has witnessed its first fight after Bushra Maneka and Imran Khan’s marriage. Najam Sethi revealed that they were about to part ways but the dispute was resolved after the interference of close friends otherwise it would be over!

Talking about the difficulties in marriage, Najam said that peace and love are the keys to make a home and the absence of these two things directly affects the lives of both the partners. Najam Sethi also said that someone should convey this to Reham Khan and Jemima Khan so that they could feel happy about it.

Here Is What Najam Sethi Said In The Live Talk Show

Najam Sethi Big Prediction About "Bani Gala"

Najam Sethi Big Prediction About "Bani Gala"Watch Complete Program, Click Here

Posted by 24 News HD on Thursday, March 28, 2019

However, People On Social Media Aren’t Happy With Najam Sethi’s Latest Prediction

‘Hum Apki Problem Samajh Sakte Hain’, A Social Media User Tweeted

It Is Unethical Even If It Is True!

People Are Reminding Najam Sethi Level Of Journalism!

So, Is Najam Sethi Doing This Deliberately?

Kya Ye Sab Dollar Ka Chakkar Hai?

Other Side Of The Story?

Well, this is not the first time that the name of Najam Sethi and Prime Minister Imran Khan came together in a controversy. Every Pakistani remembers the story of 35 punctures when according to PTI leader Naeem ul Haq, Najam Sethi who served his duties during General Elections 2014 as a Governor Punjab in caretaker government called PML-N party chief and the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to assure him that the “35 punctures” had been fixed.

The 35 punctures controversy was in a midway when Najam Sethi became the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and organized Pakistan Super League for the first time in UAE. When Najam Sethi planned PSL matches in Lahore, Imran Khan gave a few critical statements and called international players  ‘Railu Katte’ which showed his hatred for PMLN and Nawaz Sharif clearly.

But PTI supporters again supported Imran Khan and titled Najam Sethi as a ‘Lifafa Sahafi’. After the launch of Reham Khan’s infamous book on her ex-husband Imran Khan, the rumors circulated on social media that she is going to write a book on Najam Sethi as well! He is more than what we think about him!

Let’s see if Imran Khan supporters gave him a befitting reply once again or following the footsteps of their party leader just stay quiet.

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