Imran Khan Continues his Meeting During an Earthquake And That’s Pretty Sakht Launda Attitude


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All eyes on the Naya Pakistan and perhaps everyone is being a little too critical towards the PTI government. From the increased commodity pricing to the stock market crashing and the dollar exchange rate going drastically up, everything that has been happening lately throws the PTI government under the bus in a heartbeat.

However, prime minister Imran Khan is upbeat towards his job and continues working on fulfilling the promises he made during all the years he campaigned for this job. His dedication can be seen in this particular event that happened in Islamabad yesterday.

A 5.2 Magnitude Earthquake Struck Islamabad Last Night!

At the same during the meeting, Imran Khan was having a meeting with the Business Community in Islamabad after feeling the jolts, paid no attention and continued his meeting.

When the security asked Imran Khan to evacuate the room during the jolts, he said, «Jaha jao ga waha bhi zalzala hoga» and damn, that’s pretty sakht launda attitude.

Seeing this attitude the participants of the meeting also did not leave the meeting. And that is how you set an example, regardless of how small your group or audience is, they were not ready to leave the room because their PM wasn’t willing to budge either.

The meeting was about discussing the agenda for the upcoming trips of Imran Khan to China and Saudi Arabia. Power situation and the Economic stability of Pakistan was also shared by the ministers and the prime minister himself.

Here’s A Footage from the Meeting

Chaa gaye hu, Khaa Sahab!


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