Google Shows That US Dollar Has Dropped Down To Rs. 76 And The Internet Is Having A Huge Meltdown!


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Kia hogaya ye??!!


Google is known for its utmost creativity on multiple occasions but this time, Google’s so-called ‘glitch’ (as many are calling it) has stirred a storm on social media! Although the exchange rates fluctuate, the whole world just witnessed a dollar fall to 76.25 rupees in one day! Yes, the dollar which was 139 rupees a few hours ago dropped to 76.25 rupees! It was indeed a shocker for everyone and well especially those Pakistanis who recently bought some dollar bills… *Ouch*

The internet is having a meltdown and sab ko sooji masti! xD

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And obviouisly this couldn’t have gone unnoticed!

Haha, this is SOME tabdeeli right here!


Error! Error! Error!


Best one yet


This guy deserves an award!

Advice for Google by this bhaiya jee

This guy is thinking differently and we think so too!

If this is a glitch, we hope it gets fixed soon. And if Google just took up the #10yearchallenge, then Google, well-played! But, there are a few other search engines showing the same. We’ll just have to wait for further updates to find out the real deal! 

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