Gillette's New Ad About 'Toxic Masculinity' Is Going Viral Globally And Pakistani Men Are Showing Their Class!


Gillette’s New Ad About ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Is Going Viral Globally And Pakistani Men Are Showing Their Class!


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Ever since the #MeToo movement took hold of the world, woman rights have become the center of attention. The positivity and promotion of gender equality that came along with the movement is something that every man in the world should be proud of.

In a bid to support that particular movement, a famous men’s brand, Gillette safety razor, has brought an ad that has gone viral globally, literally. Every continent, every country, every city, almost, is buzzing by what the brand has brought forward, in what people are calling a work of art.

“Boys will be boys”? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us. Bullying, the MeToo movement against physical harassment, toxic masculinity, is this the best a man can get?” this is what the voiceover in the ad says.

For too long, the toxic acts of men have been guise under the belt of ‘boys will be boys’, however, collectively, men all over the world are now ready to rid that stereotype and speak up for women. Charity begins at home, and men seem to have realized just that, with the help of this beautiful ad.

Here’s the unique ad, which is going viral all over the world! #TheBesMenCanBe

Instead of using their old tagline ‘The Best Men Can Get’, Gillette has come up with the tagline ‘The Best Men Can Be’, sort of rhetorically linking keeping a beard with toxic masculinity. The ad also promotes setting examples for young children, and how our actions have a huge impact on them. Using sentences like ‘men don’t cry’ etc, gives them the edge of falling towards the vice of toxic masculinity.

After the ad reached different corners of the world, Pakistani men started reacting to it as well. Apart from a few men here and there, the majority of men took responsibility for their actions and appreciated this beautiful advertisement in all its glory!

This is how Pakistani men reacted to the Gillette ad

This regular Gillette user literally got goosebumps by the ad

Nabeel hit the nail right on its head by pointing out how men have been triggered by the ad

This man talks about men holding men responsible, and it should start very soon!

Basit knows, that objectivity of women, in the long run, hurts every man himself

There were countless other tweets where Pakistani men supported the Gillette ad and set an example for others to follow, that together, we can set a better example for the young children who will be the men of tomorrow! Salutes!

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