This Picture of Dr. Arif Alvi is Drawing a lot of Criticism and Social Media is on Fire


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Last week has been a masala mix in Pakistani politics. Some are flaring the certificate of being Sadiq and Amin while the opposition is worried why they are. National assembly of Pakistan gets very dramatic at times, and you can expect anything and everything over there. So are the members of it. Every other day, we see some political-gymnastic moves by the members of National Assembly on social media or news channels, most of which are mere PR stunts.

Just yesterday, Dr. Arif Alvi, member of the National Assembly tweeted a photo after which he was severely criticised by many…

Here’s the photo he had posted:

In the tweet above, he has mentioned:

Flight from Lahore to Karachi 10 PM got canceled because of fog. Waiting at Lahore airport since a couple of hours for PIA to let me know alternate flight or rescheduled time.”

He posted his photo where he is lying on a bench at Lahore airport’s waiting area. Watching this, people couldn’t resist how he made someone take his photo and later post it on Twitter.

Thinking the same…

Ninja technique 😀

Not a bad idea…

This and many other comedians quote tweeted Dr. Sahb’s photo and mocked him.


This and many other activities being just PR stunts but this time Dr. Alvi was mocked badly. While the indigenous fight between Lion and Bat from last week is going on, this seems a better distraction to have. Pretty much waiting for the next move by the opposition. Since elections are near, we might see a lot of such stuff for gaining sympathies and votes on social media and not doing anything practical is what our political parties do these days.

Hope to get something better out of this election season soon. Till then we can enjoy what national assembly has to offer for now.

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