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Prime Minister Imran Khan’s ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ Is A Success And This Case Proves It!

The catalyst of change in Pakistan, Imran Khan, the incumbent Prime Minister, has finally gripped the government and hearts of the people of the country. The cricketer turn politician vows…

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These 10 Pakistani Celebrities Cleared Their CSS Exam But Left Service For Alternative Careers!

The Central Superior Services (CSS) Exam is known to be the most prestigious and uphill challenge for any Pakistani in the country. An exam that comprises of almost 10-11 different…

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Shocking Video Of Children Hanging Asia Bibi’s Doll Is Embarrassing Pakistan Everywhere!

If you're born and raised in Pakistan, you'd know that nothing's as scary as the allegations of blasphemy for somebody in the country. You'd literally be able to handle any…

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A World Cup Winning Footballer Just Donated To Shahid Afridi Foundation And We’re Like “Wah Bhai!”

Football in Pakistan might not be the biggest deal, but for a decent faction of the society, it is everything. Even though the local setup of football in Pakistan is…

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Mastermind Of ‘Dirty Couple Swapping Night’ Arrested And The Details Are Sharamnaak!

They say globalization is a phenomenon that nobody can hide from. In time, it will take over the whole world, leaving no difference between the East and the West. Even…

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This Viral Conspiracy Theory Links Maulana Sami-ul-Haq’s Death With ‘That’ Israeli Plane!

Everybody loves a good conspiracy theory, as it feeds more than just the mind. The 21st century thrives on such theories, that might be incorrect in every manner, but at the…

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Shahbaz Taseer Shows The Real Face Of Taliban Narrating An Incident From His Kidnapping!

The modern-day pacifist thinks the way out of a sticky situation is to talk and talk only. He does not back the writ of the State, neither does he contribute…

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Pakistanis Are Extremely Angry Over The ‘Muaida’ After The Government Surrenders To TLP!

Normalcy finally returns to Pakistan, as the now possibly biggest religious-politico party of the country, Tehreek-i-Labaik end their countrywide strike, something they had no plan of doing, but an agreement…

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This Is How The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Treated Christians Living Under His Rule!

The current scenario of Pakistan, which has been triggered by a Christian woman acquitted off false blasphemy charges, showcases how intolerant the believers have become. Today, the whole country burns,…

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