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The Story Of This Man Raping And Killing His Own Nephew In Punjab Is Making Us Question Humanity!

Pakistan has become the center of child-related issues in the past few years. Be it the case of little Zainab, who was brutally raped and killed last year in Kasur…

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Mufti Popalzai Strikes Again After Rejecting Mufti Muneeb’s Decision Of Moon Sighting And Pakistanis Are Furious!

As Ramzan is considered a sacred occasion all over the world, its commencement is a whole new matter in Pakistan. Every year, a clash in decisions is seen within the…

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Sham Idrees’s Wife Froggy Got Smacked At The Meet And Greet In Karachi And Damn, Things Are Getting Uglier!

In this era of electronic media, Youtube has become the easiest way to be in the limelight. Many youngsters have made it big on the internet through this platform. In…

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A Man From Sindh Bought An 8-Year-Old Girl For Rs. 2.5 Lacs And Our Police Actually Came On Time!

As marriage is seen as a vital part of someone's life, in some cases it can be turned into a horrifying event too. In this era, where we talk about…

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Gautam Gambhir Called Shahid Afridi A ‘Psycho’ And Pakistanis Are Showing Him Who The Real Boss Is!

No matter what the situation is or what the circumstances be, Shahid Afridi is the only personality that manages to stay in the news. Whether its something related to him,…

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This Shaheed’s Mother Was Treated With Such Disrespect At The Sindh Police Annual Awards That It Will Break Your Heart!

Pakistan, a country bearing a Muslim identity have been a victim of tragic mishaps for decades now. The propaganda of media against Pakistan has created a negative image of the…

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Shahid Afridi Slammed Javed Miandad In His New Book ‘Game-Changer’ And The Legends Of Cricket Are At War!

History of cricket dates back to the 16th century. The sport was originated in South-East England and became the national sport of the country later in the 18th century. Since…

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Shehbaz Sharif Is Not Returning To Pakistan And It Looks Like Imran Khan Finally Gave Him An ‘NRO’!

Politics being the most vital part of any country creates several different mindsets. As the general public looks upon the elected ones, the opposition and other political reforms also leave…

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Ali Zafar vs Meesha Shafi

Ali Zafar Is Filing Lawsuits Against Social Media Users Who Support Meesha Shafi And This Is Unacceptable!

Every industry has its own perks and drawbacks but the entertainment industry is where a person remains in the spotlight, be it something related to one's personal self or someone…

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PM Imran Khan Promises Pakistan Will Be Out Of Crisis Soon And Pakistanis Are Feeling Optimistic Again!

From the moment Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has come into power, there has not been a day when it doesn't make it to the news. As the country's economic conditions are…

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