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18-Year-Old Teacher From Multan, Asma, Was Left To Die After Being Tortured In School Every Day!

People are now questioning the law enforcing agencies of Pakistan as the security conditions are getting worse day by day. Snatching, kidnappings and several other cases related to the security…

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Trevor James (The Food Ranger) Eating ‘Charsi Tikka’ In Peshawar For ‘Taaqat’ And ‘Tan Tan Tan’ Is Hilarious!

As the world is progressing, choosing your career has become a vast field with the passage of time. The internet has provided us with a lot of different aspects to…

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Yasir Hussain Is Now Giving ‘Silent Messages’ After Facing Extreme Backlash For His Comments Against Hania Aamir!

The evolvement of Pakistan's Entertainment Industry in the past years has been phenomenal. The veteran artists of the industry sure played their finest roles in providing the country with great…

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This Picture Of PM Khan Holding A ‘Tasbeeh’ Near His ‘Paleet’ Dog Is Triggering Pakistanis!

The cricketer turned politician Imran Khan Niazi has been a prominent and famous personality of Pakistan since his cricketing days. Later on, after being retired from cricket, Imran Khan founded…

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Shehbaz Sharif Has Allegedly Married A Govt Officer And Here’s Everything We Know About His New Wife! - Parhlo

Shehbaz Sharif Has Allegedly Married A Govt Officer And Here’s Everything We Know About His New Wife!

Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) and the people associated with the party, stays in the limelight because of the controversies within the party. From the day party leader Nawaz Sharif's…

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This Whatsapp Conversation Of SSG Abbas Shows He Was Praying For Shahadat In Ramazan And He Got It!

In the past 10 years, terrorism has swallowed Pakistan to its core. In 2014, The Pakistan Armed Forces conducted a joint military offensive to eradicate every ounce of terrorism prevailing…

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Finally, Raza Bughti Who Allegedly Raped A 15-Year-Old Girl Surrendered To Police, But There’s A Twist!

Talking about the current affairs of Pakistan's metropolis, the city has witnessed very harsh nights in a short span of time. A tragic case of a 15-year-old came forward and…

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After 7 Years, Shahrukh Jatoi’s Death Sentence Has Been Revoked And Where Is Justice For Shahzeb Khan?

Pakistan in 2012 has been a victim of several brutal incidents which had literally shaken the general public. Considered to be one of the worst years in the country's history,…

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Chowkidar Modi Claims Clouds Can Help Escape The Radar And LOL, We Want To Know What He’s High On!

In the last 3 years, India has lost its credibility and has become a laughing stock for the entire world. The satire that our neighboring country started receiving after the…

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YouTuber Shahveer Jafry Distributed Rs.1.5 Lacs Among Rickshaw Walas And He Sure Knows What He’s Doing!

As the YouTube community is growing with each passing day, a number of people have chosen content creating as a full-time career. Bloggers, vloggers, pranksters, roasters and many other categories…

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