For The Love Of Pakistan, Here 19 Things You Should Do In 2019 For A Better Pakistan


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Dear Pakistani Awam,

If you truly love your country, you will do the following in 2019;

1) Stop throwing your garbage everywhere – learn to use a dustbin.

2) Stop thinking you are the smartest people on the planet – you are not. You are stupid for thinking you are, and even if you were, no one cares – hustle harder, work in silence, be honest and keep your two cents.

3) Stop disobeying traffic rules.

4) Stop wasting time discussing politics on the news and social media.

Source: DHA Today

5) Stop being a nation in denial. The truth is that you are lagging behind in education, healthcare, family planning, ethics the list of everything that is important goes on… stop talking about it and start dealing with it, each and everyone one of you.

6) Stop multiplying like bunnies. There are more of you than the country can handle – exercise birth control.

7) Stop watching so much porn.

8) Stop lying – especially to yourselves.

9) Stop being unethical – especially to minorities.

10) Stop being racist – especially amongst yourselves.


11) Think.

12) Stop being gullible to popularism.

13) Stop letting your ego make decisions for you.

Source: MAX Security

14) Stop using your religion as an excuse or a way out. If you followed it properly you wouldn’t be in the mess you are in right now.

15) Stop destroying state property.

16) Stop focusing so much on food and restaurants.

17) Stop compromising on personal and public hygiene.

18) Stop hating your neighbor on the right. They’re kicking your butt in most indices, especially in terms of economy, technology and education. Besides, you all love their film industry and the iPhone you are going to use in the future will be made by them. Learn from them instead.

19) Stop loving your country the way you do. It’s not getting you anywhere. Perhaps start respecting Pakistan instead.

Long Live Pakistan!

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