This Young Guinness World Record Holder Cannot Afford His Education And Needs Our Help


This Young Guinness World Record Holder Cannot Afford His Education And Needs Our Help


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It is indeed every Pakistanis dream, that one day, they’d make a name for themselves and for their country. Every person wants to stand out in some form of life and make sure that at least, the country would help them secure their basic rights.

The Guinness Book of World Records first started in 1955. The platform allowed common people from all around the world to outshine others in respective records. One young Pakistani, Farhan Ayub, made it to the Guinness World Records as well. However, he hasn’t been lucky enough ever since.


In a video that went viral recently, young Farhan Ayub, a martial-arts specialist, can be seen sitting on the pavement of a road in Lahore with his record certificate and a peaceful protest placard at his feet.

Farhan holds the Guinness World Record for most Kip-Ups done in under a minute. A statement on the official Guinness World Records website says: “The most kip-ups in one minute is 34 and was achieved by Farhan Ayub (Pakistan), at Punjab Youth Festival 2014 organized by Sports Board Punjab, in Lahore, Pakistan, on 26 February 2014.”

When Farhan first achieved the feat, he was given a lot of media exposure. Ever since he has been out of the news, literally nobody has come to his aid. Not the government, not the sports board, and neither any local politician. We, as a nation, have failed our heroes, be it Dr. Abdus Salam or a young athlete who has made name for the country.


When asked about what Farhan was doing sitting on the pavement, he made it known that he was not in a protest or in demand with the general public and did not want to bother them. His demands and peaceful protest were directed towards politicians; people who had previously praised his achievement but vanished with time.

Politicians, the government, sports personalities, different NGOs and other concerned quarters need to take an initiative and help young Farhan, at least, in paying for his education.

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