[Video] Rat Spotted Lingering In Food At a Famous Bakery Shop In Karachi


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Hygiene and cleanliness are one of the greatest priorities for eateries, cafes or any outlet selling food. Failure to maintain the fundamental standards of cleanliness can cause massive repercussions. Not only it can cause health problems after consumption but can also lead to a damaging image and reputation of the outlet. Nobody likes eating a food that has been plagued by infectious diseases and it calls for the responsibility of restaurants, franchises, bakeries or any kind of vendors selling food in this regard. A similar incident just took place to a person in Karachi who went to one of the renowned bakeries in the country. The customer encountered a rat in one of the food shelves and was disgusted to see it.

Watch the video below:

The management should be proactive in prioritizing hygiene standards. This is very shambolic and condemnable on all grounds.

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