Here’s UN’s Biggest Challenge Ever That You Didn’t Know About


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Hotbeds and problem areas confronting UN are aplenty, so glaring and magnanimous that needs no introduction. Year after year, session after session and debate after debate, world disputes continue to be offered mere lip service! There is something precariously wrong somewhere that continues to bewitch and bewilder world leaders in addressing the deteriorating human situation positively.

Be it the half-hearted, fickle-minded and obligatory policies of the then leadership of Roosevelt, Churchill or Stalin or the loftily initiated ping-pong diplomacy of US President Nixon and Chinese Premier Chou En-lai, or conflict resolution as deployed in the Middle East, South Asia, Far East or for that matter, even in civilized North America or Western Europe, UN seems to be in cold storage or hot waters!

Source: Time

As a senior citizen, I submit most humbly and respectfully that there is something that heart blocks, blindfolds, speech impairs and ear chokes our world top leaders.

It is their inability to rise over and above self and be trend-setters for the overwhelming majority of smaller nations and teeming billions by drafting and crafting with astute statesmanship a workable blend of self and national interests with human interests.


Imagine children around the world including Pakistan, passionately teamwork, mutually brainstorm and commonly speak their hearts out in planning, organizing and presenting “MODEL UN” before our world leaders as a model to emulate. It is an endeavor of a model to ponder of how key national interests gracefully and innovatively work with humanity and the indispensable human interests of our world.

The biggest UN challenge for world leadership is first, innovating a modus operandi in astute abilities and acumen to co-exist with conflicting views and interests; secondly, applying their prized academic education, valued professional experience and cherished diplomatic skills for international peace, security and cooperation and thirdly, devising a world mindset program through education and communications.

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