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Here’s UN’s Biggest Challenge Ever That You Didn’t Know About

Hotbeds and problem areas confronting UN are aplenty, so glaring and magnanimous that needs no introduction. Year after year, session after session and debate after debate, world disputes continue to…

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Here’s What CSR’s Agenda Should Be In National Affairs

It is a twin strategy that CSR in national and multinational organizations need to incorporate in letter and spirit by addressing, on the one hand, the urgent needs of the…

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Here’s A Question Of Statesmanship And Not Leadership

Beyond set, standard and stereotype leadership, we wish charismatic statesmanship for priorities of simplicity and austerity, self-reliance and self-sufficiency and an olive branch for national reconciliation: a matchless magnetic and…

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Foreign Policy of Pakistan: Test of Astute Statesmanship and Ambassadorial Acumen

Deviating from the status quo in Pakistan’s foreign policy, prevalent for decades government after government, is a tough ask amid such internal pressures and distractions and external obligations and compulsions…

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Here’s What National Priorities For The New Government Should Be

If pre-election pledges were not to become post-elections shocks, national priorities need to be pursued by the new Government in letter and spirit. What reposes public trust and confidence-building is…

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When Hearts And Souls Vow For Pakistan On Independence Day

Independence Day is the rejuvenation of the young nation vowing hearts and souls out for Pakistan in letter and spirit. From Karachi to KPK young sentiments reflect such original belief…

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Computational Intelligence Dawns Over Pakistan

Embarking on a journey to breakthroughs in science and research, the College of Computer Science and Information Systems (CCSIS), Institute of Business Management (IoBM), organized “11th International Conference on Mathematics,…

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Sindh Governor approves appointment of Mr. Muhammad Bashir Jan Mohammed as IoBM’s Chancello

Sindh Governor, Muhammad Zubair approved the appointment of Mr. Basheer Jan Mohammad as the Chancellor, Institute of Business Management (IoBM), Karachi for a period of three years, with immediate effect…

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Conspiracy of Silence: The Anti-Corruption Awareness Drive

Where justice is purposely denied to a just cause or case through man-made laws, the law of nature comes into action. Penalties occur so silently for custodians turn breakers of…

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