This Indian Guy Traveled In A Pakistani Uber In Lahore And Labeled It As The ‘Best Ride’ Of His Life!


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The relationship between Pakistan and India is one of extreme complexity and has always been a huge point of debate in the sub-continent. Friendship, since partition, has remained a myth and rivalry has always run rampant.

However, a recent incident that went viral all over the sub-continent and in many other parts of the world, may have started a trend that changes the way people think about India-Pakistan relations.

This is the story of Prabhdeep Singh and his Uber driver Ahmed, who together, have showcased how similar the people of India and Pakistan and their emotions are.

Prabhdeep Singh took to Twitter after he visited Pakistan, sharing the absolutely beautiful experience he had in Lahore. Prabhdeep had booked an Uber to Wagha Border and his driver was a local guy named Ahmed. After his ride, this is what Prabhdeep shared on Twitter.

As per Prabhdeep, Ahmed was the best Uber driver he had traveled with, in the 5 continents he had been to. Ahmed dropped Prabhdeep to the Wagah Border in Lahore and refused to take any money from him because he was Indian. He further talked about love and brotherhood between the two nations.

The best part about the incident is that until Prabhdeep crossed the border and stepped into India, Ahmed waited for him, not leaving, just watching him. Now that is something very, very special!

This common man’s act, which was showcased to the world by Prabhdeep, has gone viral ever since! People have been making all sorts of different, but positive comments on Prabhdeep and Ahmed’s interaction. This is what they had to say!

This Indian guy was all love and prayers for Ahmed.. beautiful!

This Pakistani lady was met with a similar response when she was on a visit to Ludhiana, India

This Indian blatantly pointed out that the people of both countries only longed for peace…

Some Pakistanis were really happy.. that Ahmed had given them an opportunity to feel immensely proud!

This man pointed out that there are more people like Ahmed around the world who hail from Pakistan!

Ahmed’s act of kindness and his interaction with Prabhdeep is now being talked about everywhere in the sub-continent. Thanks to Uber, the relationship between Pakistan and India, of how people want it, is now being highlighted in the most positive manner.  Just as Ahmed, people of both countries should act similarly whenever they encounter brothers and sisters from across either border.

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