Pakistan’s Electronic Media Turns Into A ‘Meesni’ Aunty After Digital Publications Bag Asad Umer Interview!


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Get with the time since time waits for no one. Similarly, it is the case with print and electronic media. In this digital era, you cannot expect the traditional ways of reporting to continue on if anything, the decline is inevitable as digital media is the new newspaper of this time.

With the new government in Pakistan, digital media which is considered a proper thriving industry in other parts of the world has finally got the recognition it needed. In March, last month several representatives of various local digital publications that have a large audience of millennials, had a meeting with state representatives. They requested them to ask the government to support them as this is the industry of the current times.

The Government Agreed And Took Immediate Action

The government not only understood the need to bring digital media into the limelight but within a month they took their first steps and showed their seriousness towards this matter. Dr. Arsalan Khalid, appointed as the secretary social media and is the focal person for digital media, took the matters in his hands. He arranged an exclusive meeting of digital media publishers with the Finance Minister Asad Umar, where they had a 101 Q&A session with him.

Instead of Supporting as Seniors, They Became Phuppos

This news clearly didn’t sit well with the mainstream media and they lashed out in various forms. Some bashed and gave wrong statistics while some clearly didn’t know how to handle the news and gave an entirely wrong report on the Television. What’s shocking is these anchorpersons that were engaged in discrediting the digital media, didn’t have their facts right. Considering they have years of experience. Here are some of the examples of them acting like a meesni aunty.

Arshad Sharif, TV News Anchorperson Claiming Asad Umar Had A Session With PTI Members 

No, Arshad Sharif Sahab, PTI isn’t farigh to ask their own members to sit and have a Q&A session and neither the Finance Minister of Pakistan has such time on his hands. Get your facts right.

“Social Media Key Activists” Key Sath

This is so confusing, did any of them bothered to go through the actual details of this session? “Social Media Activists” is not the term, Mr. (insert Name) it’s Digital Media Publishers. Much like you, but on the di-gi-tal. He claimed that the questions were already written and handed over to Asad Umar before the session went Live.

Is This Indian News? Hilarious Dramatic Reporting and With Wrong Stats 

He continues to report about the 4 thousand viewers that were watching the Live session, which was just in the initial moments of the Live Stream. Up till the end, more than 200K people watched the session and the views have been increasing ever since, as in Digital Media you have the advantage to rewatch a video, unlike mainstream media.

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