This Guy Has An Answer For All Those People Who Are Questioning Pakistan’s Deplorable Condition


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Only a few weeks ago, the nation observed Quaid-e-Azam’s death anniversary and as usual, the question was raised once again, “Had the Quaid been alive today, what would he have said after seeing deplorable Pakistan?” This time, however, let’s change the question. “Why is Pakistan in such a deplorable condition?” The answer is fairly simple, our political dilemma, which is not confined to our politicians but inclusive of our way of thinking, the electoral process and the list, goes on.

Dissecting the problem and beginning with its root cause, the candidates. These are the people who claim politics as a form of worship, and the usual self-called ‘servants’ of the general public. They are in fact nothing that they claim to be. If it were so we would not be having one single candidate running for elections from five different seats. “One from KPK, another from Punjab, why not have a go at the political opponent who says I could lose from Sindh, so I can rub it in his face”. Ironic isn’t it that the politicians will first and foremost look for personal gain, ego issues rather than focusing on the Pakistani who are putting their trust in them.

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Adding, a leader will not consider oneself to be great enough if one isn’t a candidate from at least five constituencies. A precedent set by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the 1970 elections which still holds today reflects how immune we are to change every wrong tradition. It doesn’t end here though. The constitution requires only one representative for particular constituencies, so remaining seats have to be abdicated. Ensuing, a close person to the winning candidate will be asked to be the candidate for the by-elections to build a stronger bond.

It is necessary to ask them both, is the voter a mere tool for you to build your relation. Is the voter wrong to elect you, having faith in you, only to be disappointed? And when you claim to be better for the country, you forget the cost of elections which comes out of a voter’s tax money. What sort of a rut is this that the voter will be stuck in voting in a by-election? The most astonishing question that arises about the candidates is whether they would actually be representing the constituency they are elected from? For example, the Sharif Family.

First, it was Nawaz Sharif, then his wife Kalsoom Nawaz and the disqualified Maryam Nawaz, all three representing a constituency in which they would never have set foot. It is known that the aforementioned have been living in ‘Jati Umra’, nothing less of a palace deemed fit for a king and the idea of them to be representing the areas of Islampura, Anarkali, Hall Road, the oldest and undeveloped areas of Pakistan is nothing but a taunt aimed towards the General Public.

Why is it that the electoral process of Pakistan has to have candidates represent the constituency in which they do not reside? How is it possible that they would be familiar with the problems of the people of Pakistan, the problems of lack of legislation for matters of daily life let alone development works?

Another coupling of the electoral process and the candidate is how they fail to implement and act upon the law themselves respectively. The politicians who are responsible for the legislation, which shall be governing the country, are sadly not acted upon by themselves. Every kid in the country knows that the Election Commission of Pakistan has allowed a maximum of Rs.4 million whereas the total amounts spent rises to tens of millions.

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Ironic isn’t it; that the people who make the law don’t abide by it so how can a meaningful legislation be expected from them. And these amounts are not only limited to Biryanis, Keemay walay Naan but to promises of motorbikes, cash and much more making one wonder, does the lengths politicians will go to know no bounds and when will the ECP make its mark?

The political dilemma, however, makes matters the worst. The worst insult hurled not only at the electoral process but Quaid’s Pakistan is that the votes of the minorities are always sold with promises of cash and other bribes. Talking to some people led to the extrapolation that this has been happening since always. However, it takes two to quarrel and the minority themselves are ready to sell their votes because of the deplorable condition they are already in and it pains as a Pakistani to see them so. Is it not shameful that how a politician views a minority in Pakistan, a thing which can be bought?

The mindset of the Pakistani public is also to be blamed for the lamentable electoral process. We forget Quaid’s statement that above all cast and religion we must be Pakistanis, however even after 70 years we still do not pay heed to Quaid’s words. Even today a Rajput shall vote for a Rajput, Awan for and Awan, A Jutt for a Jutt and many more; irrespective of the corrupt and tainted background that the candidate may have. When we think that the vote, for the sacredness a political party has been campaigning upon, we are to cast would be useless if it were for a losing politician. Our ego and mentality can be is the same as the Zamana-e-Jahiliat

So what do we end up with? The amalgamation of our political candidates, electoral process and our thinking lead to our political dilemma; one of the main reason of our deplorable condition. It is high time to change it and save ourselves from the shame of having to answer “Had the Quaid been alive today what would he have said after seeing deplorable Pakistan?”

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