A Student Got Arrested after He Bragged about Buying the MDCAT Test in a Tweet


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For ages, our academic prospect is facing a constant threat of grass-root level corruption. We all have come across multiple incidents of students indulged in bribing faculty and management at examination centres. Every Pakistani is accustomed to the misuse of power in the education sector.

However, recently, our law enforcement agencies rose against major sources that set a ground for all kinds of corruption to take place. Starting from the education sector, students, institutes and their administration are thoroughly inspected of any shady involvement. Just recently, a similar case was brought to the surface after a student «proudly» bragged about «buying his MDCAT test paper» for 5 lac rupees.

Here is the tweet:

Source: Twitter

Little did the student know that his own actions would seriously drag him into trouble. How assertively he chose to make a word of it!

His own actions pulled his legs…

Source: Twitter

Talk about «Karma»

Source: Twitter

A taste of his own medicine, maybe?

The student would be regretting tweeting this ever. We cannot ignore the alarming revelation about it. First, the student indulged himself in such an illegal activity and was supported and backed by his own father. Second, he thought his action is an epitome of pride for him which he should brag about on Twitter.

We are glad our law enforcement agencies are vigilant enough to point out such activities. Modern-day corruption comes in this sort and it’s good to see the illegal action not working out for this student.

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