Sonu Nigam Just Called Indians 'Stupid', Asked Them To 'Grow Up' And His Azaan Comments Can Be Forgiven Now -

Sonu Nigam Just Called Indians ‘Stupid’, Asked Them To ‘Grow Up’ And His Azaan Comments Can Be Forgiven Now!


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The current situation between India and Pakistan should be considered more drastic than it has ever been in years and is on the brink of a lock-horn, it has unfolded a lot of things that were least expected.

A lot of immaturity and ignorance was shown by people we least expected from and those who we expected nothing from came out pretty mature and sensible. Sonu Nigam is one of such people who has really been talking sense about this current scenario and we are as shaken as you are because we all remember Sonu Nigam’s rant over Azaan on speakers. Well, seems like he has been guided now.

Talked so much sense.

Sonu Nigam is one of the most popular playback singers in the Indian sub-continent and he has proved that he is saner of the Bollywood lot that is rooting for jung. We have seen a lot of Bollywood actors tweet in the favor of the Indian army and supporting it, but Sonu did the opposite. He criticized Indian media and Indian people instead. He said that Indians become absolutely immature and that “we Indians really really need to grow up”.

Singer Sonu Nigam slams Indians for their comments, post and opions on social media about India Pakistan war. Watch the video.

Posted by Bollywood Now on Friday, 1 March 2019

How can we celebrate this ‘jung’?

Sonu Nigam further said that how can we celebrate an event such as this? Let it be ours or theirs, the people on the borders are someone’s children, the soldiers are someone’s family and it is not important whose side they are on.

The loss of life can never and should never be celebrated. He said that we should support our country but not get carried away and not start ranting on social media as it can be seen very clearly now.

Sonu, it was a brave move calling Indians “stupid” on media, really hope they don’t come after you now. He also openly criticized their media for being so irresponsible and sensationalizing everything.

People are forgiving him for his sensibility.

Seeing our Bollywood heroes fall one by one, we need to appreciate those who chose to be on the right side and didn’t sell their soul to the Modi government. We are even ready to forgive Sonu for his stupid tweets against Azaan.

Well, Allah guides those who he wants to.

Everyone, please say MashAllah before you scroll down.

It is really good to see that there is still some sense and maturity left in the Indian celebrities who have millions of fans in Pakistan too. So thank you, Sonu Nigam, for being so sensible in this whole scenario.

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