People Are Savagely Roasting Gautam Gambhir after His Reaction to Shahid Afridi’s Tweet Goes Viral


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Shahid Afridi continues to enrage Indians for the all right reasons. Our noisy neighbors have still not recovered from the damage when Afridi shot a couple of sixes in Ashwin’s last over. They have found all the reasons to be against him, hate him and bash him on social media. But does Afridi care? Nope.

Source: Dunya News

Shahid Afridi’s tweet on the atrocities being committed in Kashmir and the meek character of the UN became food for his haters, especially those across the border. Afridi, who once hit the fastest century against India, had now become the villain for pointing out the obvious.

Here is what he tweeted the other day:

And this is how Gautam Gambhir responded to Afridi’s tweet:

As usual, when it comes to India, Indian cricketers or Kashmir, Pakistanis simply reunite as a force and continue to defend the truth. Their support is reflected in every bit of action whether it would be knocking some sense in the opposition or simply trolling them for a good reason.

Now, as usual, Pakistanis did not hold back in trolling Gautam Gambhir for that matter…


Is Gambhir even relevant now?


Hah! Afridi vs Gambhir once again!

Read it again



Let us all say – NOTHING!


Gautam Gambhir should just go hide in a corner because this is literally true embarrassing. However, Indians across the border continue to support him and bash Afridi for everything he said. Let’s not get too political about it. We only mean to highlight the banter that has been going on about it on various social media platforms.

Since Shahid Afridi and Gautam Gambhir has had a rough history and we all have seen that one iconic encounter between the two, it has become absolutely funny once again for us!

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