After Ajay And Kangana, Bollywood’s ‘Bhai’ Speaks Against Pakistan And Salman Khan Is Officially Cancelled -

After Ajay And Kangana, Bollywood’s ‘Bhai’ Speaks Against Pakistan And Salman Khan Is Officially Cancelled!


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Ever since the Pulwama incident, Indians have been trying to take Pakistan by storm, rallying together and speaking against our country. Today, they trespassed into Pakistan and stirred a huge storm on social media with it.

Now, it seems like Bollywood celebrities are aggravated and don’t have much to do nowadays, lol! Well, they had reacted in a similar way after the Pulwama incident as well! It seems like among the many big names from Bollywood, Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, the infamous ”Dabangg’ hero, Salman Khan, too has made it to the list and they’re now revealing their real faces!

Ouch!  How many of you are actually heartbroken by this news? Guy, let’s face it. This indeed is infuriating and the statements of these Bollywood celebrities are full of disrespect.

Well, we’re not surprised!


Have look at what these Bollywood stars had to say after the trespassing but let us tell you that are Pakistani awaam is savage AF and man, they’re trolling level is 67673547972!! Haha! Also, let’s not miss out on the savage response by our Twitterati awaam!


Yes, ‘The’ Salman Khan everyone adores and idealizes has finally tweets against Pakistan saluting the Indian Air Force! Yup, guys, this is it. Your ‘fav Bollywood celebrity, too, has made it to the list! Salman Khan’s attitude is clearly visible!

And well, here’s how Pakistanis trolled him and yaar, they’re savage af!


This guy here has got his facts right!

And just in case you missed out on other celebrities!


Sanjay Dutt jumped in too!

Dayum, Sanjay Dutt just got owned!

Anupam Kher sure seems proud of his PM!

Akshay Kumar bhi giraft mein agaye!


Siddharth Malhotra is pretty impressed!

And here’s what this one user had to reply to Siddhart’s tweet!


We’re loving the unity of Pakistani in this matter and let’s see how far this goes! And as far as these Bollywood ‘celebrities’ are concerned, Pakistanis are canceling them alongside many others. In fact, all of Bollywood! Sad, sad.  Well, it seems like this will go on for quite some time now and we’ll just to wait and see who’s next!

In the meanwhile, Pakistanis, your trolling game is so on point

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