Saifullah Dogar Is Being Called The ‘Best DC Ever’ After Doing Something No Indian Would Have Done For Pakistan!


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Growing up in Pakistan, every parent wants their child to become a doctor or an engineer. However, as of recent, the trend seems to have changed for the better. Now, parents want their children to go out of the box and create opportunities for themselves that have been overlooked for quite a while.

These days, due to their immense shine and glow on social media, the hottest job prospect of the country has become the bureaucracy. Parents now want their children to clear their CSS exam and become the arbitrators of the taste of the rest. Highlighted names such as DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat, CSS topper Awaid Irshad Bhatti and now, DC Faisalabad Saifullah Dogar has boosted the morales of many young aspirants.


The Deputy Commissioner of Faisalabad, Saifullah Dogar, who is a prominent bureaucrat, seems to be the people’s choice these days. A recent incident which occurred on Twitter highlights revealed just that.

DC Dogar posted on his official Deputy Commissioner Faisalabad account, that the International Kabbadi Tournament, where teams from other countries would be coming to play as well, would be held in Faisalabad’s Iqbal Stadium.

However, the praise from the people started after the Deputy Commissioner announced the leveraged visas were also being issued to Indian players from across the border, breaking the hate-ridden narrative which our neighbors have held for so long.

DC Faislabad wrote: “Good news for people of Faisalabad: to participate in the Int’l Kabbadi Tournament, the National Team of Iran has arrived today. N visas to Indian Kabbadi Team have also been issued. Show ur love for the game you’re known for. Let’s live the spirit of the game for the next one week.”

Once this news was announced, one person rushed under the tweet and commented ‘BEST DC FAISALABAD EVER’! However, this wasn’t the best of it, not at all. After reading comments about the love and praise he had been getting, Saifullah Dogar rose to the occasion, stating that he was only doing his job.

He explained that with the work he was doing, he was just trying to justify the taxpayers’ money, which he was earning as the Deputy Commissioner. Dogar, who is a respectable member of the Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS), takes honor in doing his work and his help in the issuing of visas for Indian players shows that he is a light-hearted, hard-working individual he fits the description of a perfect civil servant.

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