This Video Shows How the Locals and the Restaurants are Destroying Seaview in Karachi!


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The Seaview in Clifton is one of the most beautiful aspects when we talk about Karachi. The beach was once the getaway spot for many locals because of the waves and the refreshment it offers to those who are tired of smoking hot weather during the summers especially. However, from years we have been hearing how the local authorities have failed to wipe clean the sea and its nearby locations. Given its deteriorating situation, the tourist spot has been a mess for quite some time.

While the authorities may not be doing their job, it is the locals and the restaurants who are not fulfilling their duties in the first place.

Dumping the waste of the restaurants on the beach is perhaps one of the most unprofessional things these local eateries are doing. Despite knowing how it puts the lives of sea animals in jeopardy, the eateries continue ruining their own heritage, alongside the visitors who throw the waste on the beach.

The sea is no longer blue – it is dull and filled with dirt. The shore is filled with the waste thrown by the locals, which makes it extremely embarrassing, knowing how they are not playing any role just like the government bodies.

Here’s the Link to the Video

Notice how the waste is piled up in the back, showing how it hasn’t been cleaned for months. It is indeed extremely embarrassing to watch as no one is doing anything about it.

Seeing how the main attraction of the city is fading, there’s no time for blame-game. Knowing how the local bodies have not taken any action from years, the locals alongside the restaurants are doing nothing, but tampering their own property. It is now or never, folks. Think about the beauty you are ruining by throwing all the waste.

Play your responsibility and start cleaning Seaview!

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